Sunday, August 5, 2007


Here are some useful links to sites about The Influence of Latin on English:
This site talks about the importance of Latin in the development of English and how extensive is the use of Latin in English Vocabulary.

It concerns the influence of Latin on Old English, including a brief historical analysis and the implications of this influence in vocabulary, syntax and semantic.

This Wikipedias's articles brings us a brief indication of the Latin influention on English through time.

This site has a very interesting list of latin words (mostly nouns, adjectives and verbs), its meanings and the English derivation.

It shows the relevance of Latin in ancient times and classifies its influence on English in five periods. Moreover, there is the explanation of how the latin words were assimilated by English and the its impacts on English grammar.

It is a site where the influence of Latin on Old English is written in a cronological way. Including the historical analysis of the three periods of influence of Latin. There is an interesting analysis of the evolution of the phonetic forms of latin words and how they are spelled today in English.

This site has very brief informations about the Latin influence on English. It gives examples of words, verbal and nominal forms, phrases and sentences.

In a very condensed way, it quotes why Latin influenced English.

Amid an article about the history of English there is an explaining about the Old English language, where the author talks about the influence of Latin in Germanic Tribes, which invaded England.

This site shows a list of 1750 Latin derivatives (English words derived from Latin words). It is easy to find them because they are in alphabetical order.

It is a site that shows a list of latin phrases ans words used nowadays in English.